The Dead River Tubing Trip

Dead River tubing tripWe will be tubing a 4-mile section of the Dead River starting at Spencer Brook and running down to the gravel pit take out. The Dead is a dam-controlled river that has recreational water releases of various levels throughout the summer. Knowing when to run this river is key, too low and you will be dragging your tube downriver, too high and the river will eat you for lunch! The river will be running between 700 to about 1800 cubic feet per second for any of our trips. These are great levels for an exciting high octane tubing trip. The rapids are nearly continuous class 2 and 3 for the most of the trip! They start out with Spencer Rips, a short but intense class 3 rapid. Below “Spencer” the river slows briefly, a chance to lay back and enjoy the beauty of this fantastic river! The break is short lived though, for soon the rapids begin again. First a couple of class 2 rips leading up to a long, fun filled rapid known as “ The Mine Field”. The Mine Field is nearly a mile of waves, boulders, holes, ledge drops and eddies. The river is quite shallow here with many possible routes. We will take a break at the large pool just below the Minefield to catch our breaths, then we head downriver again to the next class 3 rapid called Hayden’s Landing Rapid, which is also known as Humpty Dumpty. The remaining sections are class 2 rapids and quick water to the take out at the gravel pit which is easy to miss if you don't know where the path is. We have been tubing this section of “The Dead” for many summers and have yet to find a better whitewater tubing trip anywhere! This unique guided tubing adventure includes a custom designed river tube, life jacket, helmet and shuttle to and from the river. This is not a beginners trip but if you like whitewater, and tubing this is a blast! The minimum age for this trip is 16. 

The price is $280 for up to 4 people and $70 for each additional person.